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BUSINESSes on campus


Room 102

Niagara Artist Studio Art School

Contact: Valerie Martin

Tel: 289.646.6369

Room 104

DSBN - Transition to Employment - Transition to Employment

Room 106

Niagara Frontier Academy

Contact: Paul

Tel: 289.273.2000

Room 107A

Circle of Health

Contact: Joanne

Tel: 905.371.3331

Room 107B & 133

Paradisaea Circus Arts

Contact: Mary Young

Tel: 289.214.3624

Room 113/115A/115B

Niagara School of Music

Contact: Teresa Sanecki

Tel: 905.325.0517

Room 112/114/116

Little Shop of Lobsters Inc.

Contact: Marnie & Mark

Tel: 905.937.9991

Room 117

First Aid Clinics of Canada

Contact: Chris Kosturek
Tel: 289.257.0034

Room 119

Magic Hour Needlecrafts

Contact: Donna Murphy Del Cueto

Tel: 289.407.4379

Room 121

DSBN - PSW Training - PSW Training

Room 126B

Gagne Solutions
(Bookkeeping / Graphic Design / Marketing)

Contact: David & Isabelle Gagne

Tel: 905.651.2701 / 519.441.1377

Room 129

Niagara Prep (Gymnasium)
Contact: Dave Picton

Gym Rental Inquiries:

Room 132A/132B

DSBN - Alternative Pathways

Room 135

Niagara Boxing Club

Contact: Colleen Gallen

Tel: 905.354.7918

Room 138

Sining Breads & Pastries

Contact: Kristel 
Tel: 905.324.8261

The Gate Offices

Pastor's Office 124

Church Office 126

Associates Pastor / Rental Office 126A

Youth Pastor's Office 126C

Counseling Office 126D

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